New Exhibit: ‘The Calm’ Opening March 14th 2015

Ravi Zupa
The Calm

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 14th
Artist in attendance
Free & Open to the public
Exhibit runs March 14th – April 5th

Black Book Gallery
304 Elati St.
Denver, CO 80223

For a preview of available artwork please contact Black Book Gallery

More information coming soon.

“Mightier Than” Series


I debuted these two pieces at Shepard Fairey’s “Provocateurs” in Chicago this last August.
Ravi Zupa “Mightier Than” Rifle I
Rifle assembled from old typewriters and found objects

Just A Moment…

Ravi Zupa
Just A Moment…
Black Book Gallery
555 Santa Fe Dr.
Denver, CO 80204
August 1st – 30th 2014


The title of the show, “Just A Moment…” is inspired by the point at which the HAL 9000 decides to initiate and carry out his plan. I, and most people, have been thinking about this for some time. We are in the midst of a slow collective realization, that leaves us feeling uneasy and precarious. Something that has, for a very long time, dwelt quietly in the shadows of conspiracy theory has, rather abruptly, stepped into the realm of conspiracy fact. The realization that the eyes of computers are opening wider every day and watching us with deep interest. The title is a bit misleading however, in the sense that I actually believe, there is little cause for pessimism and hysteria. This movement of machines into the world ofhumanity is not at all new.

In fact, Cervantes was aware of this very problem in the year 1600. Don Quixote was profoundly distrustful of the encroachment of machines and his only escape was madness.

I was recently given a beautiful antique printing press. A machine for producing art. Ironically, this machine is even more advanced than anything in Cervantes world, yet at our stage in history, it now oddly represents the value of the human hand in art.

Art Alliance presents The Provocateurs

Block 37 · Chicago · July 31 – August 4, 2014

After doing sold-out and attendance smashing art shows worldwide, we have turned our attention to Chicago. Assembling one of the largest art shows ever done, Art Alliance: The Provocateurs, features trailblazers of the art world such as Shepard Fairey, Swoon, HAZE, Space Invader, Dzine, Mark Mothersbaugh, FAILE, Ryan McGinness, Winston Smith, RETNA, Stanley Donwood, Monica Canilao, Clare Rojas, Estevan Oriol, Evan Hecox, Gary Panter, Jen Stark, Camille Rose Garcia, Revok, Cleon Peterson, D*Face, WK Interact, Ravi Zupa and many others.

This event is proudly sponsored by Hennessy. The show will be far more than a typical exhibition by combining world class art with experiential and interactive components such as: music, public art, panel discussions, charities, local community interests, and education.

In 2014, the Art Alliance: The Provocateurs exhibition will take place during, and in partnership with, Lollapalooza, one of the largest music festivals in the world, which draws hundreds of thousands of culturally sophisticated and creatively curious visitors to Chicago each summer. The energy and vibrance of our selected visual artists parallels that of the musicians who rock the festival every year.

Art Alliance: The Provocateurs will be held at Block Thirty Seven, 109 N. Dearborn Street, in a beautiful 25,000 square foot loft-like space encompassing an entire city block in the heart of the Loop.

Find out more at

Process to Consumption

Opening exhibition of the final works for consumption, paired with “A Celebration of Aesthetics” interactive wine and art pairing by Simone FM Spinner, CWS. Be the first to experience a new understanding of the similarities between wine and art. Each pairing consists of carefully selected wines paired with eight specifically selected works of art to illustrate a complementary aesthetic theme. Learn about cutting edge aesthetics theory while enjoying in an evening of wine, art, conversation and camaraderie.

Thursday, July 10, 6pm – 10pm
McNichols Civic Center Building

Wine pairing & discussion runs 6 – 7:30pm sharp
Followed by the artist reception until 10pm

Michael Dowling – Painter, classic, expressionist, drawing
Jared David Paul Anderson – Painter, abstraction, primal, expressive
Lu Cong – Painter, portraiture, contemporary, complicated
Homare Ikeda – Painter, abstractions, printmaker, stumbler, dreamer
Donald Fodness – Installations, assemblages grotesque, humor
Laura Shill + Amber Cobb – photography, drawing, sculpture, installation
Plangloss Gravitron – Collective medium, expressionism, zoobiquity
Ravi Zupa – Painter, mixed media, subliminal, political, woodblock

Process to Consumption exhibition presented by Create Denver, provides eight Denver-based artists with limited studio time on the third floor of the McNichols Building and “vessels” to create their original artworks. This show challenges both the artist and audience by providing the public a rare opportunity to share in dialog and witness the artists’ creative process from conception to the many stages, methods and perspectives of execution, leading to the final exhibition.

Saturdays and Sundays: 10am – 3pm
And by appointment
July 10 – 27