NEW WORK AVAILABLE: San Fransisco Art Market April 27–30

Swing by the Hashimoto Contemporary booth at the San Fransisco Art Market to see some of my new work. Hashimoto will be selling MISSY KNOWS, eight new print-based originals, and four drawings from the BESTIARY SERIES.


This piece is on the more explicit and narrative end of what I tend to make. The central figure at the bottom is a samurai (chosen for their complex and dense relationship to self inflicted death). There is another Samurai with a airhorn who is perhaps making an attempt at waking the figure from his lethargy. In the more flat and chaotic areas of the piece the central portrait is of Missy Elliot (one of the greatest living avant garde artists, on par with Alexander Rodchenko and David Byrne) painted from her high school year book photo. I chose her partly as a shout out to one of my favorites but also because she is so unrelentingly positive and bursting, overflowing with love for her people. All of this despite an extremely difficult and abusive early life. If Missy can survive and stay full of love and joy then there is certainly hope for the rest of us. 


These are a handful of original pieces from the Age on Enlightenment series. Sometimes unsettling, sometimes light, often mysterious, they depict odd scenes combining characters from the ancient world, mythological creatures and ordinary objects of our modern life. These 4 pieces are all birds and remind us of the ancient bestiaries which cataloged mythological animals.