Ravi Zupa
Just A Moment…
Black Book Gallery
555 Santa Fe Dr.
Denver, CO 80204
August 1st – 30th 2014


The title of the show, “Just A Moment…” is inspired by the point at which the HAL 9000 decides to initiate and carry out his plan. I, and most people, have been thinking about this time. We are in the midst of a slow collective realization, that leaves us feeling uneasy and precarious. Something that has, for a very long time, dwelt quietly in the shadows of conspiracy theory has, rather abruptly, stepped into the realm of conspiracy fact. The realization that the eyes of computers are opening wider every day and watching us with deep interest. The title is a bit misleading however, in the sense that I actually believe, there is little cause for pessimism and hysteria. This movement of machines into the world of humanity is not at all new.

In fact, Cervantes was aware of this very problem in the year 1600. Don Quixote was profoundly distrustful of the encroachment of machines and his only escape was madness.

I was recently given a beautiful antique printing press. A machine for producing art. Ironically, this machine is even more advanced than anything in Cervantes world, yet at our stage in history, it now oddly represents the value of the human hand in art.